Sweet Rewards: Unveiling the Nutritional Treasures and Health Marvels of Dates!

Every drink taste better with a bit of sweetness. But in the interest of our health, we try to stay away from “empty calories,” or calories that don’t provide any nutrition outside of energy. Main Squeeze does that with common fruits like bananas or berries. But another one we enjoy using are dates. You know, the wrinkly fruits that look like brown prunes but taste better. Not only are they sweet, but they possess compounds that are good for our health. Let’s dive into those.

Dates have phenolic compounds, which act as antioxidants. Antioxidants are what stop cells from oxidizing and forming free radicals. This in turn helps us fight illnesses like cancer. Because antioxidants help reduce inflammation by stopping cell damage, they may help prevent some other diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. Aside from these wonderful benefits, they have fiber and micronutrients to keep our gut healthy and our body nourished. So when you need a health boost, try one of our Mylks® or add dates to any Smoothie or Bowl.

Dates are known to be delicious but size fruits that can be eaten alone or added into food and drink for sweetness. Aside from that, the benefits of dates are not commonly known. Research has shown they are high in antioxidants, antitumors, and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Dates have a sugar called beta-D glucan that have anticancer activity and that at the correct dose, have been shown in research to shrink tumors.


Chronic inflammation is something so many people deal with and because it is such a low level, many people adapt to live with the pain or never noticed it at all. Nevertheless, it is harmful to your tissues. Dates are filled with polyphenols called phenolic acids and flavonoids. Both have been shown to reduce the production of reactive oxygen species (a type of free radical) and increase the regulation of several inflammatory mediators by blocking signaling pathways.


Antioxidants are well-known as the chemical compounds to stop cells from oxidizing. This simply means that they help neutralize cells that have become unstable. Many unstable cells, or free radicals, causes something called oxidative stress. This affects our lipid levels, protein, and DNA and can lead to many different diseases. So the more foods you eat with antioxidants, the better.

Everyone could use a little more plant food in their life. But variety is the important part. All fruits, have their own nutritional benefits, including dates! So next time you wonder what you should get, just know if you pick a drink with dates, you’re doing your body a service.

Posted on: October 6th, 2023

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