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As our produce comes in, we carefully wash, dry, and cool the fruits and vegetables to 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Over a metric ton of pressure (2,500lbs) is then applied to all produce through our pneumatic commercial cold-press, extracting the juice without producing any friction or heat. This method ensures the raw fruit and vegetables are in their natural state with the maximum level of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients possible. 

It must be refrigerated or kept cold at all times.

The shelf life is 7 days from your purchase date. However once opened, please consume within 3 days. 

There are no minimums to order on our website. 

All of our smoothies are made to order so please visit our location to get your hands on one of our incredible smoothies!

We sure do! Please click here to place your order on Waitr and choose "delivery to" get your order delivered right to your doorstep. 

Please visit our store at 3629 Nelson Road, Lake Charles, LA 70605. We are located next door to Shipley Donuts, Greenhouse Salad Company and PJ's Coffee House. 

We are not currently offering this at the moment. Please check back later as this may be in the works!

Organic ingredients are used; however, the final product is not 100% organic.  Several factors including seasonal availability of certain items contribute to this.

Please visit our products page and click nutritional facts under each product to see the nutritional facts. 

FAQs About Juice Detoxification

  • Influx of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from fruits and vegetables
  • Cleanses body of many toxins
  • Gives a break from the most energy consuming bodily function while at rest - digestion
  • Deep tissue cleanse and nourishment allows for healthier hair and skin
  • Builds self-discipline
  • Helps break food addictions
  • Helps be more in tune with your body
  • For many, reduces the overall caloric intake which helps shed excess weight (There are minimal empty calories in the juice unlike those found in many solid foods. This fuels the body efficiently without a need for a larger caloric intake.)
  • Concentrated form of anti-oxidants which have been shown to strengthen the immune system

(typical results are listed below)

  • Day 1 – It is similar to the first time back in the gym after taking time off. One day should help get the body back on track. A one day cleanse is good for maintenance after reaching a desired goal. It is also a great way to sample the program.
  • Day 2 – For most, the second day is the toughest of the entire regimen as the body fights heightened withdrawal from normal eating habits. Two days of cleansing is also recommended for maintenance, or for first timers that are nervous about being able to complete three days or more.
  • Day 3 – The third day is when the body typically adjusts to the cleanse. A majority of the toxins and waste in the body have now been expelled. Each sip of juice sends a heightened burst of energy into the system. With a near empty digestive system, the body feels rejuvenated, many sleep much better, and the body uses the saved energy from the lack of digestion towards other physical activity. This is generally considered to be the easiest day of the detox.
  • Day 4 – Completion of the fourth day starts to realize even greater benefits. Cleansing continues internally as well as penetrating deeper into the skin. Unhealthy eating habits, food addictions, and cravings are are starting the process of being reversed
  • 5 days or more –  Most are now fully in tune with their body. Not all has been cleansed in 4 days or less. Further benefits are realized with each added day, and creates the best chance to retain long term healthy lifestyle changes.  Many that complete this regimen can truly say that they have accomplished a lifestyle change. Besides further physiological benefits, many now enjoy an elevated spiritual experience with advanced mental and emotional benefits.

For those that will be active and exercising during the detox, the almond mylks is highly recommended as it provides added substance and amino acids to help the body rebuild after physical activity. It also provides added substance for those that are nervous about being hungry on the juice cleanse.

  • Beginner Cleanse – Some of these bottles will contain a higher fruit content. Recommended for a beginner as it is much easier on the palette of those that are not accustomed to the taste of vegetable juice.
  • Intermediate Cleanse – Some of these bottles will contain much higher vegetable content. Some of the included bottles are 100% vegetable juice. Most of these contain less natural sugars due to the lowered fruit juice content. Recommended for those that regularly include vegetables and vegetable juice in their diet.

Listen to your body and eat if it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, please remember that the main factor of the detox process is to cleanse the system and give it a break from the digestive process.

We cannot guarantee weight loss; however, many people do lose weight while on our cleanse because of the low calorie count per day (approximately 1100 -1450 calories each detox day). 

Many people do on a short juice fast of seven days or fewer. The saved energy from the absence of digestion can be redirected towards working out. However, listen to your body. Some people prefer to give their body a break from exercise or strenuous physical activities during the detoxification process.

Protein is an important part of our body structure. How it is taken in the body is the important matter to focus on. Amino acids are what the body requires. Plants and fruit have all the required amino acids to build the protein that the body needs. Although it can be used as such, the body does not require protein to make protein. It requires amino acids to make protein. Furthermore, many people consume entirely too much protein. In doing so, the excess protein is stored in the body as fat or toxic waste. That is one major violation of a detoxification. Protein is also the most complex of all food elements, and is the hardest for the body to break down. When too much is consumed, the body expends much energy to break it down and digest it. That is another major violation of a detoxification, and it often leaves the body feeling sluggish. Think of some the strongest animals in the world: elephants, horses, buffalo, and gorillas. What do they eat? Vegetation, nuts, and fruit.

Many people do not feel hungry on the juice cleanse.  However, if you feel hungry or are nervous that you will, please do not hesitate to add a few more bottles of juice or cashew milk to your juice cleanse if you think you need it.   Since the program is nutritionally balanced, feel free to pick from any bottles of juice or cashew milk.  Remember, this is not about losing weight as quickly as possible. It is about building the long term habits to feel and look great for a lifetime

It is not recommended. Most store bought juice have been processed and pasteurized causing a loss in nutrients. Furthermore, many contain additives which defeats the purpose of cleansing your body of unnatural substances.

We do not recommend this. Doing this would negate the purpose of detoxifying the system of excess toxins. Please remember this is a time to revitalize and heal the body.

No. We provide plenty of juice for your nourishment, but if your body is telling you that you have had enough, please don't feel an obligation to consume it all.

We recommend a gallon a day. Many people commonly mistake thirst for hunger. On a juice cleanse, an unnecessary feeling of hunger can be very unpleasant. Also, many people will feel faint and get headaches when enough water is not consumed.

Based on your personal preference, we suggest with of the following:

  • Prepare yourself by eating only raw fruits and vegetables for 1-3 days in order to create a smoother transition to consuming all juice.


  • Treat it like jumping into a cold pool on a hot summer day - just jump right in. It may seem unpleasant at the beginning, but the body will adjust.

The only thing recommended is to drink your mylk at the end of your day. 

  • Afterward, continue a healthy lifestyle ensuring enough fruit, vegetables, and fruit and vegetable juice. 
  • Upon completing your detoxification, reintroduce solid food by first eating only raw fruits and vegetables. Afterward, gradually incorporate grains, meat, and dairy products if so desired.
  • Minimize servings of fried or processed foods. If you are reintroducing them to your system, do so moderately.
  • Drink plenty of water.

It varies from person to person. People with detoxing experience have been known to detox for several weeks, and even months. However, if you are new to it, you may just want to try 1-4 days. Then give yourself a break, and then try for a longer period next time. It is very important to listen to your body. Please also consult a physician for the proper amount of days to detox.

Juice detoxifications are designed to rid your body of all unnatural substances including those found in medication. If you are scheduled or planning to take any medication, please consult with your physician.

Weekly, monthly, quarterly... There are no wrong answers. It is up to you, and what is best for your body. Again, this is another question that requires a physician's guidance.

  • Pick a time when you will not have to sacrifice major social behavior. For example, the week of Thanksgiving may not be the best choice.
  • Pick a time when you will remain busy. It has often been said that idle time is the devils workshop. The same thought process applies here. Sitting around thinking about eating solid foods is not ideal. Choose a busy week at work, or plan many activities that will keep your mind busy.

Franchising FAQS

According to our 2017 Franchise Disclosure Document, we estimate that the initial investment associated with opening a Main Squeeze Juice Company store will range from $300,000 - $595,000 (please see our FDD for more information).

Once your store is open for business, we suggest that you start with approximately $10,000 - $20,000 in working capital, which is included in the estimated initial investment figures referenced in Q1 and included in our FDD. 

Why re-invent the wheel? Owning a franchise allows you to crowd-source the collective experiences of all franchisees in the system to determine what works and what doesn’t. To that end, we believe that we, the franchisor, must do everything we can to bring value to you, the franchisee. That is why we are particularly confident in our concept, which delivers exceptional value to our franchisees through a variety of ways, such as: 

  • By providing a custom-made software program that will manage everything from the point-of-sale system, inventory management, employee on-boarding, human resources, payroll services, and more.

  • By providing the intellectual property and operations system that will set you up for success.

  • By helping franchisees select incredible store locations using our proprietary site selection tool, which uses over 50 data points to help you select a great location for your store.

  • By using our development and training programs to ensure that you open as quickly as possible while, at the same time, feeling as equipped as possible to offer our products in an efficient and effective manner.

  • By negotiating bulk deals and other business essentials exclusively for our franchisees.

  • By developing a brand that customers love, which drives those customers to your door, and by always improving the processes and best practices.

  • By creating low-cost marketing content that showcases everything Main Squeeze Juice Company has to offer, and keeps customers excited and engaged.

  • By providing ongoing support to assist in any way we can - after all, we’re on the same team!

No previous restaurant experience? No problem. We offer a 10-day corporate training program for you and your store manager to learn everything about operating your Main Squeeze location. In addition to our training program, we will fly one of our trainers to your new Main Squeeze store to help with your grand opening for 7 days to coach you and/or your manager on best business practices and what we’ve learned, which will provide you with essential tools for success.

The amount of time it will take to open your business will vary, but on average, we estimate that it will take a minimum of 60 days to 120 days from the day you sign your lease to the day you open for business. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Your territory will be protected by an exclusive 2-mile radius around your store. We will enter your location into our software, which will draw a 2-mile circle around your location, and will not allow any other stores to enter your protected territory. Larger territory exclusivity can be discussed.

We strongly recommend that all owners are involved for at least the first 90 days of operation, and we recommend that you have a full-time general manager from day 1, who you should coach on managing your team, customers and profit. Thereafter, our proprietary software system, along with your manager, will help you stay informed and will help ensure that you know your numbers so you can manage your business while being as involved as you’d like to be.

We have a quick process - simply fill out our online application here, and one of our sales representatives will contact you with next steps. The entire process shouldn’t take more than a few days.

After you fill out the application, one of our sales representatives will reach out to you. After an initial call with a sales rep, we will send you our Non-Disclosure Agreement, and then our Franchise Disclosure Document. After you sign our NDA, we will schedule a discovery call to make sure we are on the same page, and if so, we will schedule a discovery day for you to see our concept first-hand (and how it is changing people's lives for the better every day). On your discovery day, we’ll give you a tour of one of our stores, which will showcase our incredible products and allow you to sample everything that Main Squeeze has to offer. If, after your discovery day, we both feel that the relationship is ready to move forward, we will discuss your addition to the team, which will include signing your Franchise Agreement and beginning the site selection process.

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