Main Squeeze of the Month – Alecia Weaver

Q: Tell us a little about yourself!

A: I’m from New Orleans but I’ve been living in Lake Charles for the last 6 years. I’m a self employed business owner of Armstrong McCall beauty supply for the last 24 years. I am married and have 2 sons that are 22 and 14 and I also have 1 daughter who is 19.

Q: What is your favorite product at MSJC?

A: My favorite product at Main Squeeze is #21 Glow juice and Wheatgrass shot, and occasionally a Tropikale smoothie. I stop in every day to have one. 

Q: What benefits have you seen since adding Main Squeeze to your routine?

A: I was so excited when Main Squeeze opened up. I had just begun a journey last March of trying to lose 15lbs and when Main Squeeze opened in May
I added one green juice a day to my new lifestyle and a wheatgrass shot to replace a meal, that 15lbs turned into 40lbs in 10 months. I feel my green juice has stopped all my unhealthy cravings from my past and now all I crave is my #21. It gives me energy I had been lacking and I can’t go a day without my Glow.

Q: What keeps you coming back?

A: What keeps me coming back to Main Squeeze is the way the products make me feel. The staff there always makes me feel so welcome and relaxed every time I stop in, they are always are a delight and are always smiling.

Main Squeeze of the Month – Justin & Tana Weeks

Q: Tell us a little about yourself!

A: We are full time entrepreneurs in our early 30’s with three small children. Justin is a combat veteran and a former Louisiana State Trooper. Tana was in property management. We love being able to both be stay at home parents thanks to our home-based business, which retired us both in a short amount of time several years ago.

Q: What is your favorite product at MSJC?

A: We LOVE the smoothies! In fact, we can’t hardly go a day without having one! Justin loves the Green Protein and Tana loves the Plant Power!

Q: What benefits have you seen since adding Main Squeeze to your routine?

A: We love the way we feel after having a MS smoothie. It’s a quick and healthy on the go meal! It keeps us energized throughout the day!

Q: What keeps you coming back?

A: We not only love the taste of the smoothies and how great we feel after having one, but we LOVE the customer service and the owners and employees of Main Squeeze! It’s a cool vibe and they have great energy!

Juicing to Fight the Cold

We know all too well how the cold weather brings on extra sneezing, sniffing, fatigue,  and unwanted sickness. While we can feel pretty helpless – you CAN take back your health and reduce your number of sick days, especially with the help of Main Squeeze Juice Co products!

One of the issues with being sick is, typically, we lose our appetite – which is why a juice is the perfect solution! Not only will a juice hydrate you, giving you natural energy, it will rush your body with nutrients since we absorb the juice so quickly. Can you imagine consuming 3-5 pounds of produce on a sick day? I can’t – but I could definitely have a 16 oz cold-pressed juice made with 3-5 pounds of produce!

The ingredients in Main Squeeze Juice Co’s AWAKEN juice are specifically designed to help your immune system with it’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties from Apple, Lemon, Ginger and Cinnamon. We’ve all heard the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples contain phytonutrients that defend your body against toxic invaders, like bacteria or pollution. Not to mention it’s high content of antioxidant power-house Vitamin C which helps your immune system fight off infections.

The acidity of lemon juice makes it a natural anti-microbial, ideal for warding off bacteria-related illness, such as a sore throat. The phytonutrient hesperitin, found primarily in citrus fruits, is thought to  increase blood flow, having positive benefits on respiratory health and reducing fevers through increased perspiration.

The unique fragrance and flavor of ginger come from its natural oils, the most important of which is gingerol – the main bioactive compound in ginger. Gingerol can help lower the risk of getting infections in the first place. In fact, ginger extract can inhibit the growth of many different types of bacteria making it naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and appears to be highly effective in reducing nausea and chronic digestive issues.

Cinnamon is a highly delicious spice that has been prized for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Similar to ginger, the distinct smell and flavor of cinnamon is due to the oily part, which is very high in a compound called cinnamaldehyde. It is this compound that is responsible for most of cinnamon’s powerful effects on health and metabolism. Cinnamon oil (cinnamaldehyde) has been shown to effectively treat respiratory tract infections caused by fungi. It can also inhibit the growth of certain bacteria, including Listeria and Salmonella. In fact, it is so powerful that cinnamon can be used as a natural food preservative.

So there you have it – the juice is truly worth the squeeze!  Look better, feel better, and #TakeBackYourHealth with Main Squeeze Juice Co.!

Photo Credit: @mermaidfit_

November Activation Acai Bowl

November is a time for giving thanks, preparing for that Thanksgiving feast, and giving back to others in our community. This month, our team at Main Squeeze wants to shine a light on local businessman and personal trainer John B. Foret, Jr., of Muscle Activation Louisiana located within SNAP Fitness in Lake Charles, Louisiana.   

John has over twenty-two  years of fitness experience, training the professional athlete to the weekend warrior. He graduated from McNeese University with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and he became Louisiana’s first ever Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist. John works with individuals of all ages as well as athletes at all levels to restore muscle function, increase muscle strength, and correct muscle imbalances that often lead to pain and injury.

What is your favorite product at Main Squeeze and why?

I love my bowl of course! I also really enjoy getting the juices – it helps me add in a variety of veggies that I’m usually missing in my day-to-day diet.

What benefits have you seen since adding Main Squeeze to your routine and what keeps you coming back?

The extra boost of energy that I get is the biggest benefit. And I’m definitely feeling more positive thoughts since I know I’m doing good for my muscle system by putting the right fuel in!

What inspired you to create this bowl?

What inspired the ingredients in my bowl is that I’m a “real” person. What I mean is: I love chocolate and I love peanut butter! But I also love fruits, so combining these ingredients together into a cool, refreshing, and nutritious meal is a win-win for me. This all natural meal gives you a touch of chocolate, and a bunch of nutrients. BOOM!

John chose to use the Elevate version of our classic Acai Berry Bowl as the base. He loves the secret serving of veggies – and the lower carb count. John worked with our team to boost it with add-in’s full of muscle building proteins and anti-inflammatory fats to keep you full, satisfied, and feeling activated! Isn’t it time you got yours? #TakeBackYourHealth #LoveYourself

Activation Acai Berry Bowl

Ingredients: Organic Acai Berry, Cauliflower, Banana, Almond Milk, Honey, Peanut Butter, Organic Vegan Protein Powder, Himalayan Salt, Chia Seeds, Cacao Nibs, Strawberries, Granola

Nutrition Information: 580 calories, 25 grams total fat, 5 grams saturated fat, 2.5 grams polyunsaturated fat, 4.5 grams monounsaturated fat, 580 mg sodium, 83 grams carbohydrates, 20 grams dietary fiber, 40 grams total sugar (8 grams added sugar), 20 grams protein.

Halloween Cocktails

Halloween is a time of spooks and spirits, goblins and vampires, and for most people amazing Halloween themed drinks! But to make these drinks you have to add sugar heavy mixers that weigh you down and add hundreds of calories. Well not anymore, Main Squeeze Juice Co has made the ultimate guide to Halloween cocktails that cut the calories in half and are made with 100% cold-pressed juice. 

Our first cocktail of the evening is “The Black Pearl Margarita!” This black cauldron of tequila and fresh pressed juice is one of our most popular drinks. We start off with our Detox Juice [ Activated charcoal +  Filtered H2O + Agave + Lemon ]. This juice has many benefits, but our favorite is that it’s shown to improve/lessen hangovers! The activated charcoal is the superstar ingredient – it attracts toxins and chemicals in your body and naturally flushes them out. Lemon juice is an excellent source of Vitamin C which gives you plenty of energy for your long Halloween night We use a vegan sugar Agave, for a hint of sweetness, but don’t worry – studies show it has lower glycemic index than regular sugar, making it a better choice for diabetics.

Our simple, quick, and nutritious Black Pearl Margarita is sure to be a festive, crowd pleaser! TIP: add in halloween-festive ice molds like our skull ice cubes for a freaky- fabulous cocktail!


Makes 1 serving

Lime wedge (2)

Himalayan Salt

¼ cup Ice Cubes/Ice Molds

8 oz Detox Juice

2 oz Tequila

Instructions: Rim glass with lime wedge/water. Dip margarita glass in pink Himalayan salt. Add ice cubes to shaker. Pour Detox and  tequila into shaker. Shake all ingredients until combined. Pour shaker contents into rimmed margarita glass. Garnish with lime wedge. Enjoy!

Then we have our “Fountain of Youth”, this is a great drink to kick off your Halloween festivities – morning or night! This is our Main Squeeze take on the typical mimosa using our Youth Juice [Carrot + Pineapple + Sweet Potato ]. We use at least 3-5 lbs. of produce in each 16 oz bottle – which means even 1-2 ounces will have you feeling nourished and revived! Carrot is the start of the show – and is the highest contributor of  Vitamin A and antioxidant carotenoids. The benefits are endless, but the cancer-fighting and heart-healthy effects are some of our favorite perks! Pineapple balances the recipe with a little sweetness – but it comes packed with immune-boosting vitamin C and the magnificent mineral magnesium (see what we did there?). Magnesium helps strengthen bones as well as combat arthritis and joint pain. Sweet potatoes contain an extra dose of carotenoids but are also   a high source of vitamin B6 which helps with fighting inflammation,  and works against the effects of aging.


Makes 1 serving

Youth Juice


Ice Cubes/garnish (optional)

Instructions: Add 2 oz or more of Youth to a champagne flute. Top with champagne of choice and fill as desired. Add halloween garnish like a skull cube or spooky spider to keep you feelin’ festive!

We would love to see your re-creations of these Main Squeeze Cocktails so be sure to share your experience with @mainsqueezejuiceco on Facebook and Instagram. As always, #LoveYourself

Main Squeeze of the Month – Michelle Horak

Every month the team at Main Squeeze will choose one of our favorite customers to celebrate and reward with a gift card. Now we would like to introduce our first Main Squeeze of the Month: Meet Michelle Horak & Tulley! Let’s all show her some love! It’s also happens to be her birthday month!

Michelle has been a regular since Day 1 and we love her so much! Here’s her story, starting with a little bit of her humor that keeps us laughing!

“So, I’m a Virgo with Sagittarius rising and Gemini moon. I like long walks on the beach and wine! Lots and lots of wine!” – Michelle

Q: Tell us a little about yourself!

A: I moved here in 2000 and started my business as owner and operator of The Pet Groomer in 2003. Me and Tulley, my boxer, come almost every morning. The sun doesn’t come out for me until I get my Main Squeeze goodies from my Main Squeeze family. I love seeing all of their beautiful faces in the mornings, as does Tulley. I do find it necessary to get at least one shot, at least one juice, and a smoothie. Tulley takes all my leftovers, which he can’t wait for.

Q: What is your favorite product at MSJC?

A: It’s difficult to name my favorite products because they are actually all my favorites but how can everything on your menu not be my favorite? It’s beautiful, fresh, no additives, what you read is what you get, and it’s made by people who are not only knowledgeable of what they’re making, but love what they do. You know they believe in being healthy and want to share it with other beings. Okay, if I had to name one smoothie that is my favorite I think it would have to be Java Nut, but the Berry Boost is a very close second, Awaken is my favorite juice, and of course the Cashew Mylk. The E3Live is my favorite shot, but so is the cold brewed espresso.

Q: What benefits have you seen since adding Main Squeeze to your routine & what keeps you coming back?

A: I have been waiting for a health food business to open in Lake Charles for 17 years. There’s not a lot of businesses that include you with what they’re doing themselves, as in the juice cleanse we recently did. I am starting yoga soon with Yoga Y’all. I am trying to find my center and find peace. I feel that I have found a group of people that I would like to learn from, that I see with my own eyes what I would like in my own life. It’s strange, I felt part of the family the very first day! They didn’t know it, but I did!