Main Squeeze of the Month – Michelle Horak

Every month the team at Main Squeeze will choose one of our favorite customers to celebrate and reward with a gift card. Now we would like to introduce our first Main Squeeze of the Month: Meet Michelle Horak & Tulley! Let’s all show her some love! It’s also happens to be her birthday month!

Michelle has been a regular since Day 1 and we love her so much! Here’s her story, starting with a little bit of her humor that keeps us laughing!

“So, I’m a Virgo with Sagittarius rising and Gemini moon. I like long walks on the beach and wine! Lots and lots of wine!” – Michelle

Q: Tell us a little about yourself!

A: I moved here in 2000 and started my business as owner and operator of The Pet Groomer in 2003. Me and Tulley, my boxer, come almost every morning. The sun doesn’t come out for me until I get my Main Squeeze goodies from my Main Squeeze family. I love seeing all of their beautiful faces in the mornings, as does Tulley. I do find it necessary to get at least one shot, at least one juice, and a smoothie. Tulley takes all my leftovers, which he can’t wait for.

Q: What is your favorite product at MSJC?

A: It’s difficult to name my favorite products because they are actually all my favorites but how can everything on your menu not be my favorite? It’s beautiful, fresh, no additives, what you read is what you get, and it’s made by people who are not only knowledgeable of what they’re making, but love what they do. You know they believe in being healthy and want to share it with other beings. Okay, if I had to name one smoothie that is my favorite I think it would have to be Java Nut, but the Berry Boost is a very close second, Awaken is my favorite juice, and of course the Cashew Mylk. The E3Live is my favorite shot, but so is the cold brewed espresso.

Q: What benefits have you seen since adding Main Squeeze to your routine & what keeps you coming back?

A: I have been waiting for a health food business to open in Lake Charles for 17 years. There’s not a lot of businesses that include you with what they’re doing themselves, as in the juice cleanse we recently did. I am starting yoga soon with Yoga Y’all. I am trying to find my center and find peace. I feel that I have found a group of people that I would like to learn from, that I see with my own eyes what I would like in my own life. It’s strange, I felt part of the family the very first day! They didn’t know it, but I did!

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